may be the best thing ive ever made

how do u maintain close long distance friendships w/o feeling like ur totally smothering them

Hi! Me again (Faking It anon) just wondering if i should maybe also watch The Fosters if i have time? what is it about and would you recommend it? Thanks! <3

hello again!!!

the fosters is a drama series on abc family about the day to day lives of an interracial lesbian couple and all their biological/adopted/foster children.  it starts with this girl named callie jacob being released from juvie, going back into the foster system, and getting placed with stef and lena and their kids.  DRAMA, COMEDY, AND HEARTBREAK ENSUES.  its a show about LOVE and FAMILY and FINDING WHERE YOU BELONG and CREATING A HOME and i would definitely absolutely recommend it!!  its midseason hiatus JUST started so you have time to catch up!!  right now you can watch the complete first season on netflix and you can find the first part of the second season online.

i hope you like it!!!!!!

my dad posted a picture of me on facebook and some lady commented “sweet and innocent” like…….who do u think u are???  maybe i shoplifted from the grocery store.  maybe i killed a man.  u dont know me

anon who watched Faking It here, I LOVED IT it was so cute but also so sad and yes I love Amy a lot she's so cute and I so want her to be happy and now there aren't new episodes for a while and i'm mad

i know I KNOWWW season 2 starts on september 23 though we dont have THAT long to wait!!!!

fun pics of me and my weird ass dog


girls are just . girls are literally just so good.i cant move

everyone keeps reblogging that one text post i made and adding things like “why cant i have a bf like this one???” and “where can i find a man like this??” like……….sorry 2 burst ur bubble but im a lady

i was tagged to do the question thing by saydeeeee, queerestjew, and hazelgracelancaster like a week ago so im gonna answer the questions but im not gonna tag anyone bc i worked in a classroom all day and im EXHAUSTED!!!

rule 1: always post the rules
rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you wrote and write your own 11 questions
rule 3: tag 11 new people.
rule 4: tell them you’ve tagged them
rule 5: @ me so i can see your answer

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